Linguistic services

Editorial translation

FlyingTranslations works mainly in the fields which we are interested in and can contribute in with our experience and knowledge. We proceed from a solid philological training and we have a wide experience with the specific translation formats and processes from the editorial field. We usually work in several editorial fields. Contact with us and we will adjust the price of your editorial project, as we provide assessment regarding the features of it.


Translation of artistic texts

FlyingTranslations offers translations specialized in the field of the cultural production and more specifically in the field of exhibitions and museums. We have experience in different translation and proofreading projects of artistic texts. We are familiar with all usual kinds of texts and formats such as catalogs, exhibition brochures, subtitles in audiovisual works, critical reviews etc.

Translation of specialized texts

We translate various types of specialized texts. Our select network of linguistic professionals includes translators who are familiar with different textual fields. We usually work with academic, technical, advertisement, marketing and legal texts. Consult us and we’ll offer you the adequate translation for the specific needs of your documents.

Proofreading and editing

Nowadays the quality of professional or marketing texts says much about the quality of the company and can be a fundamental factor for all projects. FlyingTranslations offers a fast and efficient proofreading service so you can be sure and confident with the final result. We also offer editing, proofreading the style and textual correctness of your texts taking into account the type of document and its goal.