Who we are

We are vocational specialists

We are a small but select linguistic professional network specialized in the translation of artistic and cultural editorial texts. The teams’ aim is to offer high quality translation, proofreading and location services. Among our contributors’ network there are philologists, translators and specialists in different linguistics fields, all of them experienced.


We offer our knowledge and experience in our best known areas to which we give all our enthusiasm. We work in several languages, including SpanishEnglish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Hungarian and Chinese but our contributors’ network is constantly growing and we also have available translators in other languages.


We also provide help for your company in translating, renovating or creating the perfect website for your needs, proposing very competitive package prices. Give us a call to consult us on any idea or project and we will advise you without any obligation.


We are efficient because we enjoy our work

We work in a field where we feel very comfortable and so we get completely involved in it. Our work method consists in using a wide range of knowledges and resources at our disposal to reach the suitable translation and bring it to our customers.


Every translation and text treated by our professional team has to go through several filters considering its linguistic correction and its adecuation to the communicative situation of the original text, also taking into account the customer's aims. We constantly revise the contents of the text we work with because we intend a faultless result.